Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Year = New blessings

Hello Friends and Customers-
Sorry I have not posted in a while but the craziness of Christmas, Birthdays, Science Fair Projects and New Years got to me. I will not let this happen again. I am back on track and ready to make some wonderful GIFTS.

I have been creating some fun NEW CAKES and GIFTS recently.

POTTY TRAINING CAKES (made with pull-ups, sticker charts, rewards) A very fun way to introduce your toddler to the world of potty training. Our son was super excited to get his cake a year ago. I think he was more excited to get his cake than his Cars potty. $ 25.00

WEDDING CAKES ( made with towels, hand towels, wash cloths, and a bottle of sparkling apple cider (only for local deliveries), or Bubble Bath.
Wedding cakes can be made to match the wedding theme :O) $50.00 (a great idea for couples or families to go in on a gift together)

SLICE OF PIE (diaper pie) This "Slice of Pie" gives the new parents, grandparents, etc... a chance to try out 4 different brands of diapers to see which kind the like. This is a great gift and very useful. It could cost up to $50 + to buy 4 different packages of diapers and then you end up wasting 3 packages because you prefer one brand over the other. (Pie comes with 5 diapers of each brand and 2 receiving blankets, and looks like a sweet pie. $ 20.00

TEACHER/EDUCATOR/PTA CAKES what a great way to show the wonderful people who teach our children how much we are for all that they do. This cake has EVERYTHING a teacher/educator could need (paper notebooks, pencils, crayons, pens, disinfect wipes and paper towels) $ 40.00

FLOWER HAIR CLIPS beautiful hair clips for every occasion. Most of these are custom to match outfits for portraits and holidays. Easter is just around the corner so I hope to make many clips to match beautiful dresses. $ 4.00

CROCHET BEADED SOCKS all the ladies love these adorable sock on little girls. These Bobbie style socks have a colorful crochet edging with tri-sided beads. The are SUPER cute with a matching hair clip too. $ 7.00 a pair or matching socks and flower clip for $10.00

PROUD PAPA Belt- this Belt is for the dads/grandpas who are expecting. Filled with everything a proud papa could need in a Diapering EMERGENCY. A great gift for a co-ed baby shower or from co-workers to a expecting father. $40.00

I will post pictures of ALL these new creations very soon and I will also be creating an ETSY shop.


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