Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New LOOK for PB and J Gifts

The time has come for PB and J Gifts to get a new and improved look with some extra organization too.
Finding a gift is much easier now because you can find them under the tabs above.
I hope you will enjoy our new look and ideas. MANY more new fun things to come.
Happy Shopping :O)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lots of Flowers

Spring is here and so are all of the cute flowers. I love creating diaper cakes and many other gifts.

I have decided to do a little FREEBIE!!!!

I have started making many of the flowers on the diaper cakes into hair clips due to the high volume of suggestions. I usually charge $5.00 extra to do this but because it is spring time and I love making flower diapercakes I have decided to change all of the flowers into clips on the cakes ordered in APRIL and MAY!!!

These flowers are perfect for all ages so the sweet baby and mother can match. Big sisters too!

Most girly flower diapercakes have 3 or 4 flowers on them. it is like getting 2 gifts in 1 (diapers and hair clips)

Take advantage of the freebie and get your diapercake ordered today.

(care to purchase the flower clips only.... they are $5.00 each, choose your own colors)