Baby Shower

Our Diaper cakes provide you with a beautiful way to give new parents a well needed gift. DIAPERS.. Everyone needs them when a little one is due to bless their lives. This is a fun way to give them. Use our cakes as a baby shower centerpiece, shower gift, or take one to the hospital instead of flowers.

***Please remember all cakes are "fresh baked" for YOU.
No two cakes will be exactly the same, this is why all my pictures are just ideas of what you may want. If you want to purchase the exact same cake as the picture I will do my best to get it as close as I can. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
REMEMBER these are just some cakes I have made and the sky is the limit on ideas. I will do my best to meet all of you idea, colors, and themes.

CAKE PRICING- 3 tier cake $45.00 - includes 45-50 premium size 1 diapers, up to 3 wooden characters and/or various flowers, up to 4 ribbon color choices

*3 tier cake with one receiving blanket $55.00- includes everything in a regular 3 tier plus a beautiful soft receiving blanket to match.

*3 tier cake with 3 receiving blankets $65.00- includes everything a regular 3 tier cake plus 3 beautiful soft receiving blankets to match.

*3 tier stuffed cake- $80.00 and up- Price of this cake just depends on what we are adding to the regular 3 tier cake with 3 receiving blankets. I usually add 2 or 3 things like thermometer, nasal aspirator, brush/comb set, nail clippers, bibs, bottle, binky, rattle....etc. We add anything the new parents need, so this cake will be priced depending on the extras.
2 tier grab and go cake $15.00- includes 25 size1 premium diapers, 2 ribbon choices and 1 wooden character and/or various flowers

2 tier grab and go with animal$ 25.00- includes everything in a regular 2 tier cake plus a large stuffed animal.
*****Plus shipping and handling

#1 seller is the Gerber Daisy $45.00

Wild Safari $45.00

$80.00 Stuffed with Burts Bees products

Bumble Bee $45.00

$55.00 Gerber Daisy with blanket

Monkey Music Cake $80.00

2 tier with animal Cake $25.00

Dreams come true $45.00

Puppy Love $45.00

Pooh Cake 3 blankets $65.00

Jumping with sweetness $45.00

Elephant Ears cake $45.00

Winter wonderland cake $45.00
(sorry this pic looks terrible)

Cutie and Sweetie Twin Cakes
Both with 3 blankets each $130 (all flowers are hair clips)

Cutie Cake with 3 blankets $65.00

Sweetie Cake with 3 blankets $65.00